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Assembling the pieces of nature’s puzzle of cures and products friendly to the environment requires a creative scientific approach. Taking your biology and environmental science studies abroad means the chance to gather data on beetles and frogs in a Brazilian rainforest, evaluate hemp wood as a viable building material for a girls’ school in South Africa, or test contaminated groundwater in suburban communities in Hong Kong.

Things you can do abroad as a biological or environmental science major:

  • Research a potential malaria vaccine alongside world-class scientists in Singapore
  • Contribute to cutting edge research on climate change and coral reef degradation in Australia
  • Perform clinical research in a hospital working alongside a dermatologist in Spain
  • Work in a lab sequencing RNA amongst scientists from around the world in Scotland
  • Investigate the anatomy of cancer at the biochemical level in Korea
  • Use MRI technology to explore the relationship between the brain and obstructive sleep apnea in Australia

Want to learn how to take your studies abroad? Review the process, talk with your advisor, then visit your campus study abroad office.

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