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UCEAP will set you up in an apartment in Procida before departure.


You will stay in an apartment building called le Grand Bleu with a shaded rooftop lounge area from which you can see the blue Mediterranean Sea. In minutes, you can reach the Chiaia Beach, the most central and private beach of Procida, by climbing down the famous 200 steps. The residence is a stucco building in the candy-colored hues of the Mediterranean. Each room has tile floors, an en-suite bath, and kitchen/dining area. The studios have a balcony or terrace overlooking the city gardens and rooftops. Some rooms have bunk beds and you’ll share a room with two or three other students.


  • Shared bedroom
  • Shared bathroom
  • Off campus
  • Meal plan (on-site breakfast and boxed lunches)

Live with

  • UC students


It’s a short distance from your residence to the classrooms. Taxis will take you to the classrooms or to the ferry terminal on days when you have a field trip. Keep your phone charged for the plentiful and frame-worthy photos you’ll take as you walk back to the residence after class.