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Boat dock area near colorful houses in Terra Murata, Italy.

City at a Glance

Terra Murata, Italy
Location East side of Procida island off the coast of Naples
City type Large town
Population 10,000
Official language(s) Italian
Climate Mediterranean
Average temperatures January: 49° F, July: 75° F
Landscape Urban, coastal
Factoid Four extinct volcanos created Procida, an island less than 2 square miles in size with crescent-shaped bays on the east coast.

About Terra Murata and Procida island

The tiny island of Procida finds a place in your heart as soon as you see its pastel houses, bright boats, and cerulean waters. The walled village of Terra Murata occupies the highest point on the island, offering stunning views of the area and coastline. Steep, twisting lanes lead to intriguing historical sites, including a medieval building that has served as both a palace and a prison. Nearby neighborhood homes sport arched entryways and laundry hanging from clotheslines, reflecting Terra Murata's down-to-earth atmosphere. Outside the town, numerous archaeological sites date back to the Bronze Age inhabitants of the island—who lived over 5,000 years ago.

Where is Terra Murata and Procida island

40.7578412, 14.0150996

What to do in Terra Murata and Procida island

  • Marina Corricella: Wander the quaint streets and houses that seem to be in technicolor in the port village that has been the setting for many films, including The Talented Mr. Ripley.
  • Boat ride: Cruise to any, or all, of Procida's three harbors for a tour of the island from the bay.
  • Casale Vascello: Get a taste of Procida culture during summer events in the brightly painted courtyard of the ancient fortified town surrounded by some of the island's best pizza and gelato shops.
  • Piazza dei Martini: Explore the island starting at the square that serves as a junction between Marina Corricella, Terra Murata, and Marina Grande.
  • Terra Murata: Climb to the highest point on the island to get a view of the Bay of Naples.

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