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Island views in Honiara, Solomon Islands

City at a Glance

Honiara, Solomon Islands
Location Northern coast of the Solomon Islands
City type Large town
Population 84,000
Official language(s) English
Climate Tropical
Average temperatures January: 80° F, July: 79° F
Landscape Urban, coastal, rainforest
Factoid The capital city was established during World War II.

About Honiara

Spending time in Honiara means getting to know its pristine beaches, easy pace, and authentic charm. Solomon islanders have a mellow approach to life. Leisurely island time can make a schedule meaningless, and gossip spreads through the grapevine rather than online. Gain independence from modern amenities—like constant digital access and power—as you discover the genuine character of day-to-day island living.

Where is Honiara

-9.4456381, 159.9728999

What to do in Honiara

  • Mataniko Falls: Hike from the village of Lelei to the thundering falls, and then float back on tubes on the Mataniko River.
  • Central Market: Peruse, shop, and eat at the market, which is a meeting place for the different ethnicities on the island.
  • Mbonege Beach: Explore the coral reefs, snorkel to World War II shipwrecks, and sunbathe before firing up a barbecue.
  • US War Memorial: Pay tribute to the troops who died in the World War II Battle of Guadalcanal, the first major offensive in the Pacific theater. 
  • National Parliament and Government House: The concrete building has a conical roof and houses tapestries, frescoes, and artwork.