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Sacramento building in California.

City at a Glance

Sacramento, United States
Location North-central California
City type Large city
Population 500,000
Official language(s) English
Climate Mediterranean
Average temperatures January: 47° F, July: 76° F
Landscape Urban, plains, riverscape
Factoid Locals call the city Sactown.

About Sacramento

Packed with history, Sacramento has served as the political center and doorway to California for more than a century. As a result, Sacramento's diverse population brings a multicultural spirit to the city. Sactown boasts innovative dining experiences and foodie wars focused on tacos, ice cream, and more. In Midtown, the city's expanding social scene appeals to a younger crowd. Discover the city's endless festival season focused on jazz, Shakespeare, and epicurean delights. Not far from Sacramento, mountains and lakes provide vast recreational choices.

Where is Sacramento

38.5815719, -121.4943996

What to do in Sacramento

  • King's basketball game: Root for the capital city's home team as they sink the ball against rival teams, like the Lakers.
  • Discovery Park: Set your outdoorsy side free on the trails, lake, and river as you hike, kayak, or even fish in the 300-acre park.
  • Midtown: Stock up on fun in the city center's farmers markets, restaurants, night clubs, shops, festivals, and community events like Chalk It Up or the Sac Brew Bike tour.
  • Riverfront Promenade: Photograph the Tower Bridge lights framing the state capitol before feasting at a riverside restaurant in Old Sacramento.
  • Sutter's Fort: Visit Sacramento's pioneer days at the adobe structure that witnessed the formation of Sacramento, the start of the California Gold Rush, and the rescue of the Donner Party survivors.

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