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In this program, you’ll be carefully matched to a homestay based on a variety of factors including family makeup and language background. Whether located downtown, the older part of the city, or in newer quarters, homestays provide clues to understanding Moroccan culture and a glimpse into the generosity, tolerance, and diversity of the Moroccan family.


You will be warmly welcomed into a single-family home by your Moroccan homestay in the historic town of Rabat or Temara, the coastal suburb to the south. Most host families take a friendly interest in their exchange students and are frequently quite proud of their accomplishments. Join your host family in a traditional gathering to share an enormous plate of couscous cooked in tagines. On weekends you’re not with new friends, you may take trips with your host family, attend weddings and family events, and even attend soccer games.


  • Private bedroom
  • Shared bathroom
  • Off campus
  • Meal plan (breakfast and dinner)

Live with

  • Local residents


If you’re staying in Rabat, you’ll take the tramway to class; if you’re staying in Tamara, you’ll have a 20-minute car ride by taxi or a ride-sharing service.