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Fields of Study: Humanities, Social Sciences

Explore contemporary Iberian society and culture through a variety of interdisciplinary social sciences and humanities courses taught in English. During this program, you’ll take Spanish language and choose three courses from a list of topics handpicked for UC students. 

Unique study opportunities

  • Hone your Spanish language skills at your level of study.
  • Experience study visits at renowned museums, social and cultural institutes, government offices, Roma communities, and other sites that expand on class subjects.
  • Go on class walking tours to discover modern Spanish architecture and urban street art.


Language of Instruction: English

Spanish Language Study: Required

Aside from a required Spanish language course, all other courses in this program are taught in English. The Spanish language course is offered for beginning, intermediate, and heritage speakers, and language placement takes place after arrival in Madrid. Elements of the city surroundings are also incorporated to lend authenticity to language instruction. Learning Spanish in Madrid, the city will become your own living language lab.

Courses and credit

Requirements While Abroad

To successfully complete this program:

  • Take a full-time course of study: Four courses for a total of 24 quarter/16 semester UC units. All courses are worth 6 UC quarter units.
  • Take one lower-division Spanish language course.
  • Take three upper-division electives taught in English.
  • You can opt to take up to one course for pass/no pass credit.

Current Program Courses

During the semester you take Spanish language and select three out of five available electives. Depending on the topic of study, elective courses will incorporate site visits to various locations in Madrid.

Spanish Language Course
Elective Courses

Research and independent study are typically not available.

Catalogs and resources

  • UCEAP Course Catalog: See a list of courses UC students have taken on this program.
  • Campus Credit Abroad: Learn the types of credit (major, minor, general education, elective) students from your campus received at this location.

Academic culture

All courses on this program are developed specifically for UC students and taught out of an instructional center which is not affiliated with a local university. As a program administered by UCEAP, class attendance is mandatory. Good attendance and active participation in all required activities will be a big determining factor in your final grade. You are allowed a total of three absences per course during the program. In any course, each absence beyond the limit will deduct 3 percent from your grade. Absences for quizzes and exams and missed assignments result in a zero, and make-ups are not permitted. 


You will earn direct UC credit and grades for all coursework. Grades for this program should be available about a month after the program ends, and will not arrive in time to accommodate fall quarter or semester degree verification deadlines.