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Field of Study: Science

The University College Dublin offers two intensive, fast-paced tracks during the summer:

  • Physics
  • Organic Chemistry

Both tracks are divided into two, four-week sessions. You enroll in one course during each session, taking both modules offered in your track.

Unique study opportunities

  • Complete the equivalent of one year of physics to fulfill UC degree requirements in the life sciences.
  • Conduct chemistry lab experiments to better understand subjects like molecular structures, separation of mixtures, and alcohols and carbohydrates.
  • Network with students who’ve come from all over the world to attend a world-class university in the sciences.


Language of Instruction: English

Language Study: None

Courses and credit

Requirements While Abroad

To successfully complete this program:

  • Take a full-time course of study: Two courses for a total of 12 quarter/8 semester UC units.
  • Take all courses for a letter grade.
  • Attend and participate in all classes, labs, and workshops.

Current Program Courses

You have a choice of two different tracks and must take both courses offered in the track you choose:

For both tracks, the program provides electronic textbooks, printed notes, and laboratory manuals. Both individual and group work is included as well as timetabled office hours with teaching staff.

Catalogs and resources

Academic culture

This intensive, fast-paced physics program offers two four-week modules in the summer for the equivalent credit of a full year. The program requires a substantial time commitment: attending classes, participating in labs, as well as time spent outside of class studying and doing research or homework. Due to the intensive nature of the course it is not possible to make changes to timetables or reschedule assessments. If you find you are struggling during the program, talk to a faculty or associate tutor immediately. Because of the intensive nature of the course, it is important that you continue to keep up with new material.


During this intensive program, lecturers and teaching assistants are readily available to you. Students love the small classes and friendly tutors. Faculty members (or instructors) are most often called lecturers. The title of professor is rarely used and held only by the head of a department or a chairman.


There is more emphasis on writing at University College Dublin than at UC. Significant emphasis is placed on literacy not only in the humanities and social sciences but also in the sciences. It is the norm that Irish students have excellent writing abilities, and marking down for poor writing, spelling, and grammar is common.

Tip: Change your laptop setting to “English (Ireland)” when you use the Spelling and Grammar function.


You will earn direct UC credit and grades for all coursework. Grades are usually available in mid-September.

There are several steps involved before the grades you receive at University College Dublin will be posted on your UC transcript. Seniors should especially consider the time delay in processing grades and make sure they do not require grades sooner than what may be possible. No individual expediting is possible.