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Fields of Study: Science

This intensive, fast-paced physics program is divided into two, four-week sessions. You enroll in one course per session for the equivalent of a full year of calculus-based credit. 

Unique study opportunities

  • Develop reasoned strategies and techniques to analyze and solve problems.
  • Participate in experimental lab work to better understand core physical concepts.
  • Fulfill requirements for a life sciences degree that may otherwise be impacted at UC.


Language of Instruction: English

Language Study: None

Courses and credit

Requirements While Abroad

To successfully complete this program:

  • Take a full-time course of study: Two courses for a total of 12 quarter/8 semester UC units.
  • Take both courses for a letter grade.
  • Enroll in one course per four-week session.

Current Program Courses

This program offers two courses designed specifically to meet the requirements of physics departments at the University of California: 

  • Physics I
  • Physics II

Check with your campus study abroad advisor to see how the department at your campus has evaluated these courses.

Research and independent study are typically not available.

Catalogs and resources

  • Math readiness tests: To determine academic fit for this intensive program, consider taking these optional tests.
  • Comparison of UCEAP summer physics: Review similar physics program information across all of UCEAP’s country locations.
  • Check with your campus study abroad office for course equivalencies.

Academic culture

Carlos III has a reputation for dynamic classes and encourages all kinds of internationalization. You will be welcome here and encounter many opportunities to discover the rest of Madrid.

The program requires a substantial time commitment: attending classes, participating in labs, as well as time spent outside of class studying and doing research or homework. Due to the intensive nature of the program it is not possible to make changes to timetables or reschedule assessments. It is important that you keep up with any new material. Faculty and associate tutors are on hand as a resource to help.


You will earn direct UC credit and grades for all coursework. Grades for the summer term should be available one to two months after the program ends. They may not arrive in time to accommodate summer degree verification deadlines.