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Experience the high-quality education of the University of California anywhere in the world! With UCEAP, your investment in study abroad is built in. Financial aid can be packaged for any UCEAP program you choose. In addition, unlike non-UC study abroad providers, UCEAP estimates represent the true cost of study abroad, resulting in a higher value program at a lower price.

Estimated Expenses

These estimates reflect current costs. Use them to compare options and get a general sense of expenses in two categories:

  1. Fees paid to UCEAP: This is any expense UCEAP handles on your behalf. It typically covers UC tuition, excursions, activities, and sometimes housing and meals. It does not include tuition for non-California residents, campus fees, or fees for graduate students, which would be add-on costs to this estimate. 
  2. Personal expenses: This is an estimate of expenses you manage on your own. Depending on the program, that may include visa fees, airfare, books, housing, meals, and other living expenses like laundry or metro tickets. UCEAP anticipates these carefully, but they can fluctuate depending on how you spend money abroad. 
Fees paid to UCEAP
+ Personal expenses