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Two types of internships are available in Haifa: professional and research internships. Professional internships are open in all fields but are particularly relevant to engineering, science, pre-med, and business majors. Research internships are limited to majors in engineering and science. Placement in a research internship opportunity depends on the specific needs of local faculty. On-site staff will help organize your internship after an online interview.

Key Facts

  • Internships on this program are required
  • Internship occurs during the first nine weeks of the term before regular courses


You can intern in English, but proficiency in Hebrew or Arabic will broaden your internship opportunities.


You'll take a practical course to guide your internship experience and submit bi-weekly reports to the academic directory on your progress.

  • Letter grade or pass/no pass credit


To arrange your internship, you may fill in a form or meet with an advisor. Depending on your goals and interests, you may find a match right away. You may also need to attend an interview to determine whether an internship placement is a good fit. You make most arrangements before you arrive.