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The Argentine National Congress at Buenos Aires Downtown - Argentina.

City at a Glance

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Location Southeastern coast of Argentina
City type Metropolis
Population 15 million
Language Spanish
Climate Mild subtropical
Average temperatures January: 77° F, July: 52° F
Landscape Urban, plains, riverscape
Fact Tango dancing began in the working-class neighborhoods of the city.

About Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is stimulating and bustling during the day—but the capital city really comes alive at night. Restaurants open for dinner after 9 pm and weekend evenings don't start until 1 am. Each of the sprawling city's neighborhoods possesses its own character, from bohemian to hip and nostalgic to modern. With a million and one things to do in the cultural metropolis, you'll quickly find your niche—dance, music, people-watching at cafés, fútball, and more.

Where is Buenos Aires

-34.6036844, -58.3815591

What to do in Buenos Aires

  • Tango in San Telmo: Watch tango dancers spontaneously show off their steps in the open-air bazaar in between shopping or grabbing a bite to eat. 
  • Estancia: Live like the Argentine cowboys (known as gauchos) riding through a countryside ranch and enjoying the natural scenery.
  • Milonga: Learn the dramatic moves of tango and clap along with the rhythmic beats at an underground dance hall.
  • La Boca neighborhood: Take in the colorful street art, savory aroma of steakhouses, and vibrant Italian vibe reflecting the area's immigrant settlers.
  • La Casa Rosada: Imagine standing in front of the rose-colored executive mansion as past presidents, such as Juan Perón, gave inspiring speeches to Argentinians.

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