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Living in Argentina means savoring grilled steaks and local wines, feeling the pulse of tango, and shouting during heart-stopping soccer matches. Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, brims with fascinating history on every corner, from its tango halls and nightlife to its museums, theaters, and cafés. A Spanish-speaking country, Argentina is a top destination for learning Spanish. You can also find exciting courses taught in English on topics ranging from human rights to Latin American studies. A mix of urban landscapes and the natural beauty of the Pampas grasslands, the towering Andes mountains, and Iguazu Falls complete the experience.

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Invest in your future

You can afford to study abroad

Financial aid, grants, and scholarships can be used for all of your costs. Some programs even cost less than staying at UC. You still have time to apply for spring 2021 scholarships—the deadline has been extended to December 1. Studying abroad is the investment in your future that you can't afford to miss.

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