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Urban skyline of Nicosia, Cyprus.

City at a Glance

Nicosia, Cyprus
Location On Cyprus island in the Mediterranean Sea
City type Large city
Population 325,000
Language Greek, Turkish
Climate Semi-arid
Average temperatures January: 51° F, July: 85° F
Landscape Urban, coastal plains
Fact The only capital city still divided by a wall, Nicosia is split into Cypriot and Turkish territories.

About Nicosia

Surrounded by a turquoise coastline, Cyprus and Nicosia overflow with 6,000 years of history in rock-carved tombs, Roman mosaics, and palaces. But the capital city also displays an unexpected urban sophistication. Think modern architecture, upscale shopping centers, and a contemporary twist on Cypriot cuisine. The Cypriots have a gregarious nature and place a premium on social connections. So, don't be surprised when you end a night out with a large circle of new friends.

Where is Nicosia

35.1855659, 33.3822764

What to do in Nicosia

  • Whirling dervish performance: Share in the positive energy as men in white robes and felt hats spin and dance in a moving Sufi meditation.
  • Pivo Microbrewery: Sample Cypriot cuisine and seasonal beer in a 100-year-old manor house and Nicosia's only brewhouse.
  • Alagadi Turtle Beach: Relax at the beautiful soft-sand beach with its two bays that also serve as nesting areas for green turtles.
  • Cyprus Museum: Uncover Cyprus' ancient stories, rich history, and priceless treasures from the Stone Age to the Roman era. 
  • Curbside coffee: Sip on a cup of traditional, intensely strong Cypriot coffee at a kafenes shopa ritual past-time for locals. 
  • Tombs of the Kings: Explore the impressive catacombs, pillars, and courtyards carved from solid rock which, ironically, don't actually contain the burial chambers of royalty.