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View above Prague just before sunrise, including Charles Bridge and Vltava River.

City at a Glance

Prague, Czech Republic
Location Northwestern Czech Republic
City type Metropolis
Population 1.3 million
Official language(s) Czech
Climate Marine
Average temperatures January: 30° F, July: 65° F
Landscape Urban, coastal plains
Factoid The narrowest street in the city is less than 20 inches wide and has its own traffic light so pedestrians don't get blocked in the middle.

About Prague

An Old World ambiance makes living in Prague feel like a fairytale with photo opportunities on just about every corner. Gothic architecture, arched, stone bridges, and ornate palaces border cobblestone streets in the charming Central European city. You'll find the Czechs are decidedly modern, though, emphasizing an accepting attitude—anything goes for religion, fashion, or lifestyle. Locals embody the live and let live mindset, championing global ideals of love and peace. A walk along the Lennon Wall, the city's iconic living street art exhibition, can tell you much about the current views, hopes, and causes of the people. Once the capital of old Bohemia, the city today enjoys a thriving social life, a serious café culture, expansive parks, and a rich arts scene ranging from jazz clubs and classical concerts to black light theater shows. 

Where is Prague

50.0755381, 14.4378005

What to do in Prague

  • Beer spa: Pamper your skin and feel stress melt away as you soak, beer in hand, in a traditional oak bucket of Czech lager—the amber nectar praised for its nutrient-rich hops, vitamins, and malt.
  • Prague Castle: Tour Prague's history at this vast estate that is home to several museums and palaces, defensive towers, and the Bohemian Crown Jewels.
  • Vltava River tour: Cruise down the Vltava River and take in the sights and panoramic views of the City of a Hundred Spires. 
  • KGB Spy Museum: Uncover the secret organization's past and spot covert cameras, mysterious weapons, and bizarre Soviet uniforms.
  • Old Town Square: Spend days exploring the historic Old Town Hall, a 14th-century Gothic church, and the iconic medieval astronomical clock. Find medieval holiday markets in the square during Christmas and Easter.
  • Ice Pub: Experience a sub-zero ice art wonderland where everything you see and feel (with the exception of a standard-issue thermal jacket) is crafted out of ice. 

By far, the one accomplishment I am most excited to share with my friends and family is the fact that I was able to live with a Czech family for my semester in Prague. Though it was incredibly challenging the first few months, I'm happy to say I learned a lot from them as I improved my communication skills and received the gift of learning about Czech culture from them.

Trelysa Long UC Irvine International Studies and Economics Czech Republic

Through my internship, I acquired a combination of hard and soft skills that will be useful to any future career or leadership opportunity I pursue. I developed valuable intercultural communication skills as I had to demonstrate clarity when communicating with my supervisors. I also further developed time management skills as I balanced school and met my internship deadlines. It was incredibly fulfilling to earn the respect of my colleagues and trust from my superiors that allowed me to work on more meaningful projects over time.

Nicole Timofeevski UC Berkeley Global Studies Czech Republic