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Lyon and river Loire in France on sunny summer day.

City at a Glance

Lyon, France
Location East-central France
City type Metropolis
Population 2.2 million
Official language(s) French
Climate Mild marine
Average temperatures January: 38° F, July: 72° F
Landscape Urban, plains, riverscape
Factoid The city houses the headquarters of Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organization.

About Lyon

Old Town's Renaissance buildings, festivals, and frescos light up Lyon's cultural palette. The metropolis itself can be considered a canvas with immense murals meant to impress and amuse. An intensely French city, Lyon represents a chance to immerse yourself in the French style of living—bouchons for hearty Lyonnaise food, a walk or bike ride along riverside paths every day, and français for any conversation. Lyon serves as the birthplace of cinema and nouvelle cuisine, each showcased in a local museum. Paris has found itself a serious competitor for the title of France's cultural headquarters.

Where is Lyon

45.764043, 4.835659

What to do in Lyon

  • Musée Lumière: Develop your love for film as you tour the birthplace of cinema and the film camera.
  • Lyon Old Town: Visit the district's Renaissance-era houses, stone-paved streets, and hidden passageways for a peek at Lyon's 17th-century environment. As you explore, be sure to work in a food tour or two to get a taste of all that the culinary capital has to offer. 
  • Presqu'ile: Get lost in this trendy entertainment and cultural hot spot that boasts plazas, nightclubs, shopping, and dining.
  • Ancient Theatre of Fourvière: Tour the 2,000-year-old Roman theater to experience the sheer size and intricate embellishments in the structure that is still used for performances.
  • Fourvière Basilica: Venture into the iconic hill-top church to find Roman sites, opulent interiors, and the best views of the whole city from the north tower.