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Beautiful Sunrise over Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong.

City at a Glance

Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Location Southern coast of Hong Kong Island, south of China
City type Metropolis
Population 7.4 million
Language English, Chinese
Climate Subtropical
Average temperatures January: 61° F, July: 84° F
Landscape Urban, coastal
Fact Actors and martial arts experts Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee grew up in Hong Kong.

About Hong Kong

Hong Kong's neon skyline and speed-of-light pace makes it feel like a city from the future. The urban landscape towers with skyscrapers built according to feng shui principles and stretches out with miles of natural expanses. Interacting with Hong Kong's character and environment will add a new dimension to how you think and what you want in life. Embrace the synergy of eastern and western cultures in the megalopolis. Drawing people from all backgrounds, the dynamic city serves as a hub for international cuisine, hot spot for the latest technology, and shopping paradise.

Where is Hong Kong

22.3193039, 114.1693611

What to do in Hong Kong

  • Victoria Harbour cruise: Sail between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon on the Star Ferry or take in the city skyline from a traditional red-sail junk boat.
  • Symphony of Lights: Watch the dazzling daily laser and sound show from one of the harbor front areas.
  • Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade: Peruse quirky shops, take photos in front of the skyline, and try local flavors at restaurants along neon-lit streets.
  • Kowloon Markets: Take a walking tour of the area's seafood, flower, jade, and night markets.
  • The Big Buddha: Ride a cable car and stand in the shadow of one of the world's largest seated statues in the world, visible throughout Hong Kong.

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