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Boats and houses near the waterfront in Cork, Ireland.

City at a Glance

Cork, Ireland
Location Southwestern Ireland
City type Large city
Population 399,000
Official language(s) English, Irish
Climate Mild marine
Average temperatures January: 42° F, July: 60° F
Landscape Urban, coastal
Factoid A huge player in the global butter trade, Cork has its own Butter Museum—complete with a keg of thousand-year-old butter.

About Cork

A university town, Cork has a youthful and cosmopolitan feel interwoven with its traditional landscape of 17th-century streets and architecture. Discover rows of shops, pubs, and cafés around the corner from cathedrals and castles. Waterways flow through the city's historic center, leading to riverside settings full of natural beauty and coastal villages hugging the waterfront. Showcasing its culture and sense of humor, Cork proudly turns Saint Patrick's Day into a weeklong festival with parades, performances, and rowdy songs. Expect the crowds of upbeat, friendly locals to sweep you away into the celebrations.

Where is Cork

51.8985143, -8.4756035

What to do in Cork

  • Shandon Sweets: Tour the almost century-old factory and watch the creation of traditional handmade candy, fudge, and marshmallow treats. Before leaving, satisfy your sweet tooth in the onsite shop.
  • St. Anne's Church: Climb 132 steep steps to the top of the bell tower to ring the renowned Shandon Bells before photographing the spectacular city views.
  • Cork Ghost Tour: Hunt down haunting spirits as you learn local ghost stories and tidbits of Cork's history.
  • Blarney Castle: Kiss the Blarney Stone and receive the gift of eloquence at the iconic medieval castle. Don't miss the themed gardens, including one devoted to poisonous plants.
  • St Patrick's Street: Find the perfect memento of your time abroad at one of Ireland's prime shopping thoroughfares. On March 17, join the crowds at the St Patrick's Day parade—go hÉirinn!



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