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View of the Haifa port in Haifa, Israel.

City at a Glance

Haifa, Israel
Location Northwestern coast of Israel
City type Metropolis
Population 1 million
Language Hebrew
Climate Mediterranean
Average temperatures January: 55° F, July: 81° F
Landscape Urban, coastal plains
Fact Haifa has its own hipster scene on Masada Street with cafés, live music, and street parties.

About Haifa

Haifa's influx of young people for work and study puts everything at your doorstep—cafés, shopping, pubs, and of course, a fascinating history. Shipping warehouses have been transformed into high-end eateries, and you can enjoy a developing nightlife in areas like Masada Street. With a reputation as Israel's most tolerant city, Haifa is filled with a blend of ethnicities, religions, and cultures. Walking along the streets, you'll hear a mix of languages as newcomers and longtime residents mingle. Coastal living promotes a mellow environment and provides a range of outdoor activities. For a relaxing escape on weekends, hit the white sandy beaches along the azure coast.

Where is Haifa

32.7940463, 34.989571

What to do in Haifa

  • Dado Beach: Surf the waves, sunbathe, or stroll down the boardwalk at this popular beach.
  • MadaTech Museum: Go ultramodern as you explore the human yo-yo, the magic room's common tricks in science, and an interactive theater with built-in seat ticklers.
  • Carmel Mountain National Park: Explore archaeological sites, forest trails for hiking and biking, and the 3,000-year-old cave of the biblical prophet Elijah.
  • Masada Street: Soak up the artsy atmosphere, shop in vintage stores, and grab a bite to eat at a café-bar combo.
  • Bahai Hanging Gardens: Snap a share-worthy photo in front of the spectacular terraces and gold-domed shrine dedicated to the Persian Bahai Faith.