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Korea's capital city of Seoul has vibrant offerings, from celebrated museums and festivals to delicious street food and lively pop culture. Witness South-North Korean relations firsthand and travel to the demilitarized zone, Jeju Island, or Busan. Explore centuries-old palaces, enjoy delicious street food, and discover new pop music. Just hours from Beijing or Tokyo, the city also serves as a base for affordable and easy travel throughout Korea and East Asia.

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Yonsei University

Seoul is a trendsetter with roots showcased in its temples, shrines, and palaces. At Yonsei University, you can pursue classes in any major. If you have a soft spot for East Asian culture, you’ll find this program especially rewarding.

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As a civil and environmental engineering major interested in natural landscapes, I enjoyed the discussions in my environmental planning class as well as visits to national parks such as Bukhan Mountain. There is so much to see in Seoul. The subway system is easy to use to get around. I love Korean food. Study abroad is definitely something undergraduates should experience, and both Yonsei and the city of Seoul have a lot to offer.

Erik Chang UC Los Angeles Civil and Environmental Engineering Korea

The biggest lesson I learned was to always remember why we do what we do. I learned that we do not send a hundred emails or struggle with contracts simply because it's work. We have a responsibility and the work we do actually affects peoples' lives. I came to realize this as everyone in the office was incredibly professional yet also encouraging and intentional with each other. Ultimately, working for Hyundai Corporation was a precious opportunity to speak Korean and understand a different approach to academics, career, and life.

Young Park UC Berkeley Environmental Science Korea

I had a wonderful time at Dreamfora as a software engineer intern. My role was to oversee the backend infrastructure and set up the testing module for our development team. I learned a lot about industry standards and tools that help run present-day applications. Much of this experience can't be gained in a classroom and it was extremely beneficial for me. Having the chance to intern in a Korean startup was also culturally enriching and I would highly recommend it.

Taehoon Kim UC Berkeley Computer Science Korea

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