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Kasbah of the Udayas in Rabat, Morocco.

City at a Glance

Rabat, Morocco
Location Northern Morocco on the Atlantic coast
City type Metropolis
Population 2.1 million
Official language(s) Arabic, French
Climate Mediterranean
Average temperatures January: 55° F, July: 72° F
Landscape Urban, mountainous
Factoid In the 17th century, pirates attacked ships from their home base of Rabat.

About Rabat

Rabat serves as a crossroad of cultures—Mediterranean, African, and European—and has a large international community. Welcoming and curious about visitors, Rabat citizens will quiz you on all topics. Take advantage of the endless invitations to tea to trade stories about life in your respective countries. The capital city's lifestyle showcases a rapid rhythm with an underlying sense of calmness. With no shortage of sports and outdoor activities, it's easy to take a break from Rabat's quick pace. Expect your focus to be on daytime pursuits rather than nighttime events.

Where is Rabat

33.9715904, -6.8498129

What to do in Rabat

  • Kasbah des Oudaias: Step into a photo wonderland of bright blue buildings, white-washed streets, and views of the Atlantic in this historic walled city once graced by sultans.
  • Mausoleum of Mohammed V: Pay your respects to Morocco's last sultan and liberator of the kingdom in an ornate marble shrine protected by fez-topped royal guards.
  • Chellah: Uncover ancient history in the Roman and Islamic ruins of this medieval city then stop on the way out for a delicious taste of moroccan cuisine. 
  • Hassan Tower: Explore the imposing red sandstone minaret and white columns of the unfinished mosque meant to be the largest in the world in 1195.
  • Palace Museum and Andalusian Gardens: Indulge in a relaxing retreat at the art and culture museum with its tranquil gardens tucked away from the city crowds.