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Campus building covered in Ivy in Lund, Sweden.

City at a Glance

Lund, Sweden
Location Southern Sweden
City type Medium city
Population 91,000
Language Swedish
Climate Mild marine
Average temperatures January: 33° F, July: 65° F
Landscape Urban, woodlands
Fact Lund, one of the oldest cities in Sweden, was founded by a viking king named Sweyn Forkbeard.

About Lund

Brimming with history and charm, Lund's roots begin during the Viking era and continue through the Middle Ages to today. Half-timbered buildings and narrow stonework streets give Lund a storybook feel. The small town is built around Lund University, the second oldest university in Sweden. With students making up a significant amount of the population, the college town boasts a relaxed and youthful atmosphere. In the evenings, being a university student buys an insider's pass to Lund's real nightlife scene, a boisterous world of club-sponsored events and parties. Lush green spaces, a bicycle culture, and winter sports reflect Swedes' widespread passion for nature.

Where is Lund

55.7046601, 13.1910073

What to do in Lund

  • Stadsparken: Exercise your sports enthusiast one day and cultivate your nature lover the next in wide-open lawns, volleyball courts, and expertly landscaped park grounds.
  • Underground church ruins: Step down into the atmospheric museum of Drottens Church, a medieval complex hidden beneath Lund's main shopping district where several churches have stood over the ages.
  • Högevall water park: Splash into the popular swimming resort with its water slides, waterfalls, and rock-climbing wall.
  • Jakriborg: Experience New Classical architecture at the quaint and colorful housing estate. 
  • Lund Cathedral: Explore the city's premier landmark with its Romanesque architecture, the dark crypt, and ornate astronomical clock.



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