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Discover how traditional and modern Thailand converge in the political, economic, and spiritual center of Bangkok. Nestled within the tropics of Southeast Asia, this metropolitan capital attracts nature lovers and urban dwellers alike. In the Land of Smiles, you'll find the Thai people passionate, down to earth, and ready to encourage visitors. Get a spontaneous tutorial in Thai phrases, making Pad Thai, or navigating floating markets and winding canals. You'll quickly learn to live like a local.

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Low Cost - High Value Thailand

Thammasat University

Study abroad doesn’t have to be expensive. Thailand’s reasonable cost of living means a high value program at an affordable price.

At Thammasat University, you’ll find coursework in English and plenty of internship opportunities.

You also choose your own housing in Bangkok, so how much you spend is up to you.

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UCEAP Office Hours

Schedule an appointment to chat with a UCEAP advisor who can answer questions like the following:

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The most influential portion of my internship was the time I spent in Sri Lanka. It was a truly immersive experience, one that came with its own set of challenges but resulted in a huge jump in personal growth. Every new experience and responsibility grew my involvement and competence that much more. By the end, I realized a huge shift in my confidence.

Zachery Silvert UC Santa Barbara Sociology Thailand

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