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View of Glasgow Cathedral and buildings in Glasgow, Scotland.

City at a Glance

Glasgow, UK-Scotland
Location South-central UK-Scotland
City type Metropolis
Population 1.6 million
Official language(s) English
Climate Mild marine
Average temperatures January: 40° F, July: 61° F
Landscape Urban, lowlands
Factoid Residents call the city's underground railway system the Clockwork Orange because of its signature color and circular route.

About Glasgow

While Glasgow has history to spare, the city's greatest appeal comes from its legendary music scene and eclectic feel. With loads of music venues, you can hear more than the standard hits, including country, Celtic, and classical concerts. A brilliant nightlife attracts the city's young crowd, so finding new friends won't be hard. Just be ready to talk football (soccer to the US), as the Scots are fanatics about the sport. The budget-minded find Glasgow goes easy on their wallets with its affordable foodie scene and free historical tours.

Where is Glasgow

55.864237, -4.251806

What to do in Glasgow

  • Buchanan Street: Escape temperamental Scottish weather in the shops, galleries, and cafés in the center of Glasgow's shopping district.
  • Kelvingrove Park: Keep an eye out for wildlife—including foxes, otters, or kingfishers—in this urban haven perfect for picnics and sunny naps.
  • Glasgow Music City Tours: Discover the city's musical heritage with a visit to the top venues of the entertainment scene, including the world's oldest music hall.
  • Glasgow Science Centre: Catch the secrets of science at adult-only events, including sci-fi film screenings, demonstrations, and trivia nights.
  • Glasgow Cathedral: Descend into the crypt of a saint, follow the light shimmering through stained-glass windows, and admire the lines of medieval architecture at the spot where the city of Glasgow first started.

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