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A Partnership for Your Safety

Whether you are on campus or abroad, life carries risk. Unforeseen emergencies can occur whether you are here at home or at an international location. And we can’t monitor every personal decision you make daily while abroad any more than we could on your US campus.

What we can do is partner with you by giving you resources, including guidance on how to remain reasonably healthy and safe while abroad, so you can mitigate health and safety risks. When you travel and study with UCEAP, safety is a shared responsibility that requires you to be a well-informed and active participant in your own well-being overseas. We provide you with all the information, resources, and support you need to make smart decisions about studying and traveling abroad and know how to handle an emergency if one occurs.

What we do

  • We provide you with predeparture and on-site orientations and comprehensive predeparture materials to help you prepare for your experience abroad.
  • We closely monitor international security situations so you and your family can make informed decisions about your travel.
  • We have comprehensive protocols in place to take action and provide you with assistance during an emergency, day or night.
  • We know no one plans an emergency: We offer a 24-hour emergency line so that help is there whenever you need it.

The Health and Safety Team

The UCEAP International Health, Safety, and Crisis Management (IHSCM) Unit is dedicated to international health and safety related to UCEAP programming around the world. Our experienced staff in California and abroad are ready to answer questions you or your parents may have.

Emergency Response and Support

Any serious, unexpected, or dangerous situation requiring immediate action is an emergency. The UCEAP response units in California and abroad are experienced and knowledgeable about emergency preparedness and incident management; you and your family can reach them 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Emergency Info

Student travel insurance

All UCEAP students are automatically enrolled in the student travel insurance policy (see link for details).

Student Policies

For UCEAP student policies, please visit the Policy page.