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The world is full of new and unfamiliar possibilities. When you study abroad with UCEAP, those possibilities become yours. As a University of California program, UCEAP expands on the UC experience. It introduces you to the people and places where ideas are born. Journeying to a new country, you'll encounter cultures, traditions, languages, and stories that surprise, delight, and expand your intellect. As you shift your view of the world, you'll test the boundaries of who you are and what you're capable of achieving. You'll discover unknown abilities that fuel your confidence and empower you to seize new challenges. Where will your journey take you?

Find the Perfect Program

Find a program

Advance your major abroad

Learn exciting new approaches to your field of study from an international perspective! Explore UCEAP's diverse portfolio of programs by major.

Explore Around The World

Explore Culture Around The Globe

Savor the food, art, history, language, politics, and traditions of distant cultures. Explore ancient temples, soaring towers, palaces, castles, and other wonders of the world. And see the unique habitats, animals, and awe-inspiring natural landscapes that make every country unique. 

UCEAP student smiling with her arms up in Ghana.

Invest in your future

You can afford to study abroad

Financial aid, grants, and scholarships can be used for all of your costs. Some programs even cost less than staying at UC. Studying abroad is the investment in your future that you can't afford to miss.