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Brazil, South America's largest and most populous country, is known for its effervescent music and dance, famous white sand beaches, and rainforests. A country of diverse cultures, Brazil's customs take their cues from African, European, and Brazilian traditions. Spirited samba sprang from Rio de Janeiro and serves as the country’s national music and dance style. Within this lively environment, the Portuguese-speaking Brazilians showcase their playfulness through celebrations, plates laden with flavorful fare, and a welcoming peck on the cheek. Behind the delightful culture is a booming economy and social landscape that can enrich anyone's study experience. A bit beyond the city limits, Brazil has natural wonders and animals that transport its visitors to what feels like another world. Case in point: pink dolphins! 

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Two women and a man interact with each other in a classroom setting.

Understand the human experience

Sociology Abroad

The never ending evolution of the individual, of families, groups, and society challenges our awareness and drives us to understand human social relationships. Learn to observe, listen, and read other people in their social contexts to broaden your knowledge of the diversity of humans and their interactions.

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