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As both a modern, technological society and a country steeped in history, Ireland beckons with its lush green hills and friendly people. Whether your focus is politics, science, or all things Irish, you'll find it in one of three distinct locations. Home to over 1 million people, the Dublin has a varied cultural scene and student-friendly atmosphere. Cork boasts a flourishing arts scene with public painting and galleries as well as international film festivals. Known as the most Irish of Ireland’s cities, Galway proudly maintains the native Irish language. This growing city, with its winding lanes and brightly painted pubs, remains small and easy to navigate.

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Two women and a man interact with each other in a classroom setting.

Understand the human experience

Sociology Abroad

The never ending evolution of the individual, of families, groups, and society challenges our awareness and drives us to understand human social relationships. Learn to observe, listen, and read other people in their social contexts to broaden your knowledge of the diversity of humans and their interactions.

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