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Create your own customized, immersive study abroad experience in class with local students. This is the classic study abroad experience where you find a place to live, select courses from host university catalog, and take on the life of a student in a new country. This experience is ideal for independent adventurers willing to take on the unknown for big rewards.

Benefits: Living the life of a foreign exchange student means challenging yourself and stepping outside your comfort zone.

Choose this program if:

  • You want to make all the decisions and choices
  • You are comfortable with some unknown variables
  • You like planning your own excursions and side trips



Two women and a man interact with each other in a classroom setting.

Understand the human experience

Sociology Abroad

The never ending evolution of the individual, of families, groups, and society challenges our awareness and drives us to understand human social relationships. Learn to observe, listen, and read other people in their social contexts to broaden your knowledge of the diversity of humans and their interactions.

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