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Absorb the diversity of the food, art, people, and culture of multiple countries. In a multi-site program, you'll gain unique perspectives in each study location. You'll examine trending topics relevant to the region, society, and culture through a series of prearranged courses, guest lectures, and guided site visits. Courses cover a lot of ground within a well-defined schedule.

Benefits: Learn about a specific topic while exploring new places and interacting with experts, professors, and other students from across the UC system.

Choose this program if:

  • You like a travel schedule planned out for you
  • You are attracted to the focus or topic of the program
  • You want to see and live in more than one city abroad
  • You want to plan a study abroad trip with friend from another the UC campus


UCEAP student smiling in England.

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Cover all your costs abroad

Thousands of dollars in scholarships are available to cover the cost of studying abroad. Some UC students are able to fund their entire international experience, including additional travel, by applying for as many scholarships as possible. You can too.

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