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Funding UCEAP

Choosing to study abroad is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make in college. It’s a big step for you and an investment in your future. UCEAP is committed to helping you benefit from study abroad and we’ll work with you to make it financially possible.

We also know that you probably have questions about the affordability of study abroad. You may be thinking that study abroad is only for the wealthy. Maybe you’re worried that it will make your education more expensive or that you’ll lose your financial aid. Put your mind at ease: You can do this!

If you attend UC, you can afford UCEAP

Here are a few facts you need to know:

  • FACT: Study abroad isn’t just for the privileged few. Whatever your income, you can reduce costs by planning around a realistic budget and lifestyle. Careful research in selecting your destination can mean thousands of dollars in savings — and a great educational experience.
  • FACT: Study abroad doesn’t increase the cost or length of your education. In some cases, the weekly cost of studying with UCEAP can be less than studying and living off campus back home. Your enrollment at UC doesn’t change and there’s no break in your UC attendance.
  • FACT: Your financial aid package can be applied to the cost of your study abroad program — that means tuition, program fees, and out-of-pocket expenses, such as airfare, meals, and books.

Bonus fact: Exclusively at UCEAP, you remain eligible for UC Cal and Pell grants — plus our scholarships.

The UCEAP Difference

UCEAP programs typically cost less than other study abroad programs. On average, a year abroad costs about the same as a year at your U​C campus. This is because UCEAP is a University of California program that works directly with UC Financial Aid Offices. In other words, you have a team of individuals working to provide program estimates that are realistic, accurate, and complete.

Our cost estimates also include big expenses—like round-trip airfare, travel insurance, and rent—so that you can plan and budget for your experience with confidence.