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Bridging the divide between any culture’s history and current events cannot be fully understood from a single vantage point. Taking your anthropology studies abroad means starting a personal journey of discovery into what is true about a culture rather than relying on what is presented in politics, media, or books. It gives you the chance to see how people in other cultures translate local history and meanings to shape their current world.

  • Explore the social and cultural phenomenon and everyday practices that define a culture and make it special and uniquely human
  • Conduct field work in high mountain deserts, record oral histories in remote villages, or discover the symbolic meanings of artifacts held in museum collections
  • Experience the social dynamics of indigenous and non-indigenous groups by spending time in their communities

Selecting the right program

Choose a program specifically designed to give you international experience in your field with pre-selected courses in your major, built-in internships and research projects, and related topics that add depth to your academics. Take your studies abroad and enhance your UC education with an unforgettable global classroom, lab, internship, or research experience.

To get started:

  • Explore UCEAP program options
  • Visit the study abroad office on your campus
  • Meet with your academic advisor

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