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A shot of The Alcala Door (Puerta de Alcala), a post-Roman triumphal arch with cars passing by and buildings in the background in Madrid, Spain.

Program at a Glance

Carlos III University of Madrid

Country or area Spain
City Madrid
Class Level So, Jr, Sr
Experience Type Immersion
Minimum GPA 2.75
Term Year, Spring Semester, Fall Semester
Taught In English, Spanish
Language Prereq no
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About The Program

Surround yourself with Spanish language and culture in this unique bilingual experience at Carlos III University of Madrid. With access to a wide variety of courses in English and Spanish, you can explore your academic interests while mingling with local students. One of Europe's top destinations, Madrid is both a cosmopolitan, international city and a historic Spanish treasure. It has every style of architecture from medieval to wildly modern. Intrinsically creative, the city's ongoing foodie revolution puts a delicious twist on traditional Spanish tapas. To balance Madrid's high octane social life, relax in a tree-lined park, a sunny plaza, or take in a Picasso masterpiece at a city gallery. 

Where you'll study

Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M) was established by Spanish Parliament during a time of university reform in the 1980s. In that founding spirit of positive change, UC3M promotes an education that combines science and culture as a global ideal. It's a small public university with big ideas and a clear focus on international exchange. You’ll be welcomed on campus along with some of the world’s top students visiting from 50+ countries. Carlos III is also one of the four Spanish universities in the 4 Universities Alliance, a partnership creating an ecosystem of knowledge, greater mobility for students, and the ability to collaborate with industries. Companies don’t have the time to incubate new ideas. By allying with UC3M, they can mentor students like you before you become an employee. The university’s clear intent toward collaboration and internationalization gives you access to dynamic classes and some of the best research and learning opportunities in the country. You're invited to participate in a wide range of cultural activities and sports as you settle into student life on campus.


Optional field trips and activities to introduce the local culture are available through your host university. Most events are free or discounted, but some come with an additional cost not included in UCEAP fees.

<p>Join Erasmus activities and trips</p>

Join Erasmus activities and trips

<p>Explore nearby UNESCO heritage sites like Toledo</p>

Explore nearby UNESCO heritage sites like Toledo

<p>&nbsp;Buddy programs and&nbsp;language exchanges</p>

 Buddy programs and language exchanges

<p>Thanksgiving and Farewell dinners</p>

Thanksgiving and Farewell dinners

Studying at Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M) has been a fascinating cultural and linguistic learning experience for which I am thankful. I chose UC3M for its location near Madrid, which allowed me to spend my free time exploring museums, parks, and landmarks in the city. UC3M is undoubtedly a global campus, and it feels like a university proud of its diverse student body. I enjoyed meeting Spaniards and international students from around the world. I will remember the campus, with its charming brick buildings and almond blossoms, with fondness.

Claudia Valdivia UC Berkeley Linguistics Spain

Studying at University Carlos III of Madrid for a year allowed me to have a completely different academic experience each semester. My fall semester was a Hispanic studies program aimed at international students. In the spring, I'm doing an immersion and almost all my classmates are Spaniards (although I have the opportunity to take classes in English). I love that! All the professors are friendly, which is something new for me since my university classes at home are so big they barely get to know your name. They are also very passionate about their courses which makes it very interesting and enjoyable.

Karina Cedillo UC Irvine English Spain

In four months I developed my ability to speak Spanish, fell in love with Spanish culture, and grew tremendously as a person.

Katrina Waters UC San Diego Biology Spain

I have met people from all over the globe and slowly learned that we are more similar than different. We all share similar thought processes, emotions, and beliefs.

Michael Mooney UC Santa Barbara Spain