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Poolbeg lighthouse at the end of the long breakwater out of Dublin Bay in Ireland.

Program at a Glance

Trinity College Dublin

Country or area Ireland
City Dublin
Class Level Jr, Sr
Experience Type Immersion
Minimum GPA 3.1
Term Fall Semester, Spring Semester, Year
Taught In English
Language Prereq no
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About The Program

Study abroad in Ireland and find yourself in a land of magic and mystery. Trinity College Dublin features wrought-iron gates and stone walls, creating a secure and intimate feel. Ireland’s greatest cultural treasure, the Book of Kells, is housed in a dream-like library. This program is a full immersion experience–you’ll craft a full-time course scheduled based on your academic needs and attend classes with local Irish and international students from all over the world. The International Student Society is one of the university’s most active, arranging trips around Ireland and abroad for the thousands of international students that attend Trinity every year.


Trinity College Dublin has a fascinating history, deeply entrenched in the controversial struggles between Protestant and Catholics. Often reported as Ireland's oldest university, Trinity wasn't the first college established in Ireland— it was established on the grounds of a former Catholic monastery as a Protestant-only institution until the Catholic Emancipation. Even more interesting than the history and tradition surrounding the university is its architecture. The campus consists of multiple squares situated around a center, known as Parliament Square. The campus is surrounded by high walls, and despite the traffic circulating it every day, it's a calm oasis in a busy city. The campanile, or bell tower, is one of it's most iconic landmarks, and the chapel is used for daily celebrations of Catholic mass. Local legend says any student unfortunate enough to pass beneath the tower when the bell rings will fail their exams for the year, so local students give the tower wide berth on those days. The Old Library looks much like the surrounding buildings, but step inside and behold the gorgeous Long Room (the most photographed library in the world). Held within the library walls is Ireland's greatest treasure, the Book of Kells (which students have access to), along with a copy of every book ever printed in Ireland and Britain. The campus is so popular it attracts many tourists who are free to enter and explore. After a long day of studying, stop by the lush green cricket and rugby grounds to watch a game and wind down from class.