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Social issues like gaining access to education, earning a living, medical decisions, and human justice are universal. Learning how families, individuals, and groups of people do things in a non-US culture provides valuable perspective and helps you identify and address your own personal biases. Taking your studies abroad lets you explore the shared beliefs of a new culture. It broadens your understanding of human behaviors and how social systems work. It lets you compare aspects of social life like education reform and how family life differs and flourishes in other countries.

View looking along the Avenue Champs-Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France

Social Perspectives on Europe

Sociology in fall and social justice in winter

Majoring in sociology, anthropology, law, or political science?

You can add a world perspective to your studies and take back-to-back programs in two European cities.

Start the fall in Italy taking Sociology in Rome, then spend the winter quarter studying Social Justice and Activism in Paris.

Each program integrates site visits to contextualize the course material.

My internship was the perfect fit because it aligned my academics as well as my career goals. I was able to apply what I was learning in class like how to avoid being gender biased in the activities and lessons I planned for my students. I have always wanted a future in education and this internship gave me more experience working with students and with lesson planning. It also broadened my career path by making working with nonprofit organizations an option for me.

Melanie Gomez UC Santa Cruz Sociology and Education Ghana

My goal was to learn more about Brazilian culture and history, something that is important to me as a Latin American and Latino Studies and Sociology double major. Being in a classroom with students from outside of California contributed to memorable experiences because we were all so different. We learned things about each other, our cultures, and our home countries. Each individual brought their own ideas and perspectives and the classroom was engaging and interactive. I also learned by exploring different parts of Rio, talking with locals, and trying different foods and activities.

Lucia Ortiz UC Santa Cruz Sociology and Latino Studies Brazil

Taking classes related to my major and seeing them through an authentic Danish lens, among a culturally diverse group of students from around the world, was invaluable.

Lily Hopwood UC Santa Barbara History and Sociology Denmark

In my role as a conversational English teacher in Barcelona, I was simultaneously enrolled in a conversational Spanish class. As a year-long study abroad student, it was a chance to connect with students from Barcelona and broaden my experience with people who were older than me.

Claire Osawa UC Santa Barbara Sociology Spain

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