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Student Travel Insurance

All UCEAP participants are automatically enrolled in the student travel insurance policy, providing medical and non-medical benefits so you can get the medical care you need while abroad.

The student travel insurance serves as your primary medical coverage while abroad. It works on a reimbursement basis. Costs for medical care must be paid out-of-pocket, and are then reimbursable according to the policy details.

Some benefits include:

  • $0 deductible/$0 copay
  • Prescription drug benefits
  • Mental health counseling
  • Medical/security evacuation
  • Continued treatment for pre-existing, covered conditions 
  • Personal property (limits apply)
  • Trip cancelation/delay
  • Global teleconsultation
  • Emergency Remote Behavioral Health Consultation

While abroad, the travel insurance policy through Chubb is considered to be primary for medical expenses in cases of accident and/or illness. However, preventative care such as physicals, routine exams, vaccinations, and COVID tests in the absence of symptoms aren't covered.

Students are required to maintain health insurance in the US, either by keeping UCSHIP during your time abroad, or by having private US health insurance in accordance with UCSHIP waiver policies. The travel insurance policy doesn't allow you to waive UCSHIP. The deadline and process to waive out is set by UCSHIP. Please contact the UCSHIP office at your campus if you have any questions.

Coverage for COVID-19

COVID-19 is treated as any other covered sickness and is subject to the policy terms and conditions. If you experience symptoms of an illness while traveling overseas, you should seek medical care. Expenses resulting from medically necessary treatment will be considered for reimbursement according to the policy rules.

When coverage starts and ends

The student travel insurance begins 14 days before you are required to arrive in your study abroad location. Coverage ends 14 days after your program ends.

Preparing to Study Abroad

Information about medical providers in the host country where you want to study abroad is available through AXA Assistance, a non-insurance benefit included with the student travel insurance policy.

To obtain pre-travel information regarding medical care and providers, you'll start by registering for a free account on Travel Eye.

After confirming your email, you can:

  1. Log in with the email and password.
  2. Select the city and country where you plan to study abroad.
  3. Select the type of medical care. 

If you need additional assistance, contact UCEAP's travel insurance liaison. Provide a brief overview of what you need to know, and you'll receive a response with information, next steps, and resources.

While abroad

You may contact Chubb-AXA Global Travel Assistance while you're abroad—they will provide:

  • Referrals for teleconsultations
  • Medical or mental health providers in your location
  • Direct transfer to a therapist during a mental health crisis
  • Medical monitoring if you are hospitalized
  • Payment guarantee for hospital admission

Travel Insurance Resources


23-24 Insurance Card: Print out the student policy card.

23-24 Travel Insurance Brochure: Read the full policy details.

23-24 Travel Insurance at a Glance: Find a summary of the insurance policy.


24-25 Insurance Card: Print out the student policy card.

24-25 Travel Insurance Brochure: Read the full policy details.

24-25 Travel Insurance at a Glance: Find a summary of the insurance policy.

Accident/Sickness Insurance Claim Form and Student Instructions

Personal Property Claim Form and Student Instructions

Trip Cancelation Form


For claims assistance, contact the claims administrator, Administrative Concepts, Inc.


Or call: +1-888-293-9229 (in the US/Canada) or

+1610 293 9229 (outside the US) 

Be sure to have the UCEAP policy number ready: N04834823