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Ghana is one of Africa’s rising, more diverse economies. The first independent African state, Ghana serves as a model for peace and democracy on the continent. While rural villages function within centuries-old cultural traditions and limited resources, upscale neighborhoods in Accra show the impact of globalization in West Africa. These characteristics make Ghana ideal to study global and development studies, public health and social services, and environmental sustainability.

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Small program means plenty of personal attention

University of Ghana

Combine classes at one of Africa’s top universities with a rich cultural experience that includes guided trips and activities. Students rave about the incredible support they receive from the study center staff.

This program is ideal for development studies, sociology, public health, art, and environmental studies majors.

Immerse yourself in the local community with service projects, independent study, and internships.

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Ghana made me appreciate my cultural and familial values much more and widened my understanding of where my home truly is. I learned so much more from Ghana than I ever expected.

Keerthana Muthukrishnan UC Los Angeles Geography and Environmental Studies Ghana

Studying in Ghana was a dream come true. As an African American woman who had never been to Africa, it is hard to describe the feeling I got when I looked around and every face looked like mine. I felt at ease and welcomed. I felt for the first time in my life that I was home.

Violet Henderson UC Berkeley Conservation Resource Studies and African American Studies Ghana

My internship was the perfect fit because it aligned my academics as well as my career goals. I was able to apply what I was learning in class like how to avoid being gender biased in the activities and lessons I planned for my students. I have always wanted a future in education and this internship gave me more experience working with students and with lesson planning. It also broadened my career path by making working with nonprofit organizations an option for me.

Melanie Gomez UC Santa Cruz Sociology and Education Ghana

My ideas about conservation, development, and saving the world have changed. I realize now that the most important wildlife conservation has to do with the people who rely on natural resources to live their lives. The biggest threat to biodiversity is poverty and the systems that drive environmental degradation.

Wilson Sherman UC Berkeley Conservation and Resource Studies Ghana