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Cibeles Fountain In Downtown Madrid, Spain.

City at a Glance

Madrid, Spain
Location Central Spain
City type Megalopolis
Population 6.7 million
Official language(s) Spanish
Climate Mediterranean
Average temperatures January: 43° F, July:78° F
Landscape Urban, plateau
Factoid Madrid enjoys more cloudless days than almost any other city in Europe.

About Madrid

Find true Spanish treasure in the capital city of Madrid. Old World appeal of medieval palaces shifts to a contemporary and spirited atmosphere within the centuries-old metropolis. Boasting both a Golden Mile of shopping and a Golden Triangle of museums, the cultural hotspot cultivates design, entertainment, and fashion trends, including the Zara clothing line. The Madrileño passion for creativity and life extends from bohemian districts to innovative Spanish cooking to boisterous nights out. As the educational, economic, and technological center of Spain, Madrid lures students and scholars from across the globe to its top-notch universities.

Where is Madrid

40.4167754, -3.7037902

What to do in Madrid

  • Gran Vía: Get to know Madrid on its main artery and center of entertainment. Savor local cuisine during brunch, shop boutiques and malls in the afternoon, and stay until dawn in its pulsating nightclubs. 
  • Flamenco show: Clap along with performers' staccato steps at a performance of the iconic dance. Catch a show at a restaurant, dance hall, or on the streets.
  • Plaza Mayor: People-watch at one of the historic square's many cafés and take in the surrounding 17th-century residences and the statue of powerful King Philip III.
  • The Prado: Study the brushstrokes of Spanish and Italian master painters, including Spain's most important artist, Francisco Goya.
  • El Retiro Park: Power walk or Segway through the elegant gardens and past the pond full of paddle boats to the spectacular glass pavilion— all created for Spanish royalty.

Living in a new country has challenged me in so many ways, and each challenge made me stronger. I'm so grateful for this semester abroad.

Melenie Becerra UC Irvine Spain

Studying at University Carlos III of Madrid for a year allowed me to have a completely different academic experience each semester. My fall semester was a Hispanic studies program aimed at international students. In the spring, I'm doing an immersion and almost all my classmates are Spaniards (although I have the opportunity to take classes in English). I love that! All the professors are friendly, which is something new for me since my university classes at home are so big they barely get to know your name. They are also very passionate about their courses which makes it very interesting and enjoyable.

Karina Cedillo UC Irvine English Spain

Studying at Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M) has been a fascinating cultural and linguistic learning experience for which I am thankful. I chose UC3M for its location near Madrid, which allowed me to spend my free time exploring museums, parks, and landmarks in the city. UC3M is undoubtedly a global campus, and it feels like a university proud of its diverse student body. I enjoyed meeting Spaniards and international students from around the world. I will remember the campus, with its charming brick buildings and almond blossoms, with fondness.

Claudia Valdivia UC Berkeley Linguistics Spain

I have met people from all over the globe and slowly learned that we are more similar than different. We all share similar thought processes, emotions, and beliefs.

Michael Mooney UC Santa Barbara Spain