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Whether you want to develop models for sustainable growth or review reports at an investment bank, taking your economics studies abroad gives you opportunity to observe new economic systems, issues, and policies in action. Learn how countries around the world are taking on topics like equal pay, pension reform, universal basic income, and the wealth gap in Spain. Get a first-hand view of how micro lending is changing the financial landscape in developing parts of the world when you study abroad in China or the Netherlands. Work with decision-makers crafting economic policies to help governments quickly respond to trade wars, cyber-attacks, and financial crises in Australia.

Prince bridge scenery city of Melbourne with streetcars, modern and traditional buildings.

Ideal for Economics Majors

University of Melbourne

Immerse yourself in the best economics department in Australia.  

Take advantage of world-class courses, research, and local internship opportunities.   

Ride the streetcars – beloved by locals and students – as you explore one of the most eclectic and livable cities in the world. 

Learning about startup culture and the work ethic, determination, and motivation required to succeed has given me a greater appreciation for those who embark on this journey. Each challenge and solution taught me a new strategy to take on similar problems. I feel even more prepared and motivated to take on the business world and any challenges that come my way in my future. The international lens of my internship and skills working in a cross-cultural environment has taught me to be a better team player and citizen of the world. Without a doubt, I will always look back at this experience as the starting point for my professional career.

Jenny Wu UC San Diego Economics Hong Kong

I left my internship in May knowing the ins and outs of Paris, a semester of economics under my belt, two hundred hours of work experience, and lifelong friendships that reach all across the world.

Francesca Bingaman UC Berkeley Economics France

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