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The Southeast Asian city-state of Singapore—with its mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Western traditions—provides a global experience with an ultramodern international city set within a beautiful tropical setting. The city's tasty food, pristine streets, and modern architecture add to its allure. Whether you explore conservation of tropical ecosystems, take part in pioneering international research, or delve into the economics, politics, and history of Southeast Asia, Singapore offers something for you.

View overlooking the water in Singapore, Esplanade theater in the distance

Environmental Studies in one of the Greenest Cities in the World

National University of Singapore

What better place to focus on environmental studies than the National University of Singapore in Garden City?

Six decades of sustainability and greening efforts have proven to the world that Singapore is a leader in solving environmental issues.

Discover a beautiful tropical setting with green skyscrapers and innovative eco-systems that exemplify a harmonious intersection of nature and urban environments.

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My internship at NUS Forensic Science Laboratory was a boost to my college career and decision-maker of my future. Many students say it's difficult to know what to pursue, yet I believe the first step is to be proactive and I'm glad I took my shot. The challenges that confronted me helped me grow as an individual and the happiness I found throughout this journey made me more certain of becoming a forensic scientist.

Yi Chien Tang UC Los Angeles Biochemistry Singapore

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