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Student, Parent, and Support Network

Predeparture Webinar

We invite you to view the recording of our fall 2023 Student, Parent, and Support Network Predeparture Webinar. This webinar is for UCEAP students, their families and their support networks. You'll learn all the ways we assist our students on study abroad, and we will address expectations for communication and information. 

The UCEAP study abroad experience comes with a variety of high-touch communication and support, including travel insurance, health and safety guidance, academic support, and financial aid information. We look forward to the opportunity to talk with you and answer your questions about health, safety, communication, and support with UCEAP. 

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At the Student, Parent, and Support Network Predeparture Webinar you will learn about all the ways we support our students

  • How and when UCEAP communicates important information to students
  • How students are supported during their academic programs
  • How a program budget is built and what is included
  • Health and safety guidance that students receive before departure
  • The value that UCEAP programs bring to the UC degree
  • Ways we support students during crisis, emergency, or difficult situations
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