This catalog is one of many resources to help you research courses on UCEAP. You can use it to view courses students across all UC campuses have taken in the last five years. While not a complete list of available courses, it's a great starting point.

What you can do with this catalog:

  • Browse the variety of courses UC students have previously taken.
  • Identify the departments abroad where courses are hosted.
  • Determine how many UC units the courses carry.
  • Confirm whether a course is upper-division or lower-division.
  • Gather course information to share with your academic department(s) for advice on fulfillment of degree requirements.
  • Discover programs that have courses of interest to you!

Keep in mind:

  • UCEAP subject areas and course numbers are not tied to specific UC majors and courses. For example, a History 120A course in the catalog has no correlation to your campus’ History 120A. This simply indicates this is a UCEAP upper-division course in the discipline of history. You can still petition these to count for your UC degree requirements!
  • The designation of a course as lower, upper, or graduate level does not guarantee credit at your UC campus for that level.
  • If a host institution makes changes to a course, UCEAP may make updates to this catalog as necessary, including the division of course.
  • UCEAP subject areas do not guarantee your UC department will accept a course to fulfill a certain requirement. The designation of your course under a specific subject area shouldn’t prevent you from petitioning for the course to count for a major or GE/breadth requirement under a different subject area on your home campus.
  • This catalog does not list all courses available. For example, if a UC student has not taken the course, it will not appear in the catalog. Similarly, courses for new programs may not be listed. Instead, explore the more up-to-date host institution catalogs directly.
  • This catalog may list courses that are no longer offered.
  • To see if courses will meet your degree requirements, talk to your academic department(s) and explore the Campus Credit Abroad database.

Other Course Catalogs and Resources

  • Host institution course catalogs – To find the latest course offerings visit the host institution course catalogs. If available, you’ll find these under the Academics > Catalogs and Resources section of the UCEAP program pages.
  • Campus Credit Abroad – Use this database to learn how UCEAP courses have fulfilled degree requirements at your campus.