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Statement on the 2020 Election

As we near the end of 2020, all of us remain in a state of transition. The pandemic and its impact on every aspect of life—our health, mental wellness, work life, finances, and the ability to do all of the things we normally do to cope with stress and difficulty—continues to be a challenge. In addition to the pandemic, we held an election on November 3 and yet we remain deeply divided. Nonetheless, we can be hopeful by standing on the foundation of our shared democratic ideals. Voters turned out in record numbers and made their voices heard. It is our collective task to support the orderly transition of power—a hallmark of American democracy that we know, as international educators, is admired globally.

Looking ahead to a new administration, UCEAP hopes for policy changes that will affirm the value of international cooperation, confirm the relevance of academic exchange, and will increase study abroad accessibility for DACA students. We also hope to reassure our global partners that UCEAP will once again welcome international exchange students once the global pandemic is under control.

This year, UCEAP has committed to do and be better. At this moment, it is more important than ever to advance our mission: to provide international academic experiences that will inspire students to explore and transform their lives, UC, and the world.