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Villarrica Volcano, viewed from Pucon, Chile.

City at a Glance

Villarrica, Chile
Location Central Chile
City type Large town
Population 49,000
Official language(s) Spanish
Climate Mild marine
Average temperatures January: 60° F, July: 44° F
Landscape Coastal
Factoid Despite being an active volcano, complete with a lava lake in its crater, thousands of visitors hike Villlarrica Volcano every year.

About Villarrica

Leave the cities behind as you step into the authentic charm of Villarrica. Discover the lifestyle of most Chileans in this down-to-earth town. Warm hospitality awaits you at cafés and shops in the downtown area. Traditions are strong and the townspeople, called Villarriquences, maintain close ties to the Mapuche heritage of the indigenous people. Against the backdrop of the Villarrica Volcano, buildings and public sculptures display the woodworking that distinguishes the area. Artisan markets highlight local handicrafts—pottery, knitted goods, woodwork, and more.

Where is Chile

-39.2820124, -72.2307798

What to do in Villarrica

  • Villarrica Volcano caves: Travel more than 500 feet into volcanic tunnels to see hardened lava flows.
  • Mercado Fritz: Shop for handicrafts as you snack on gourmet regional foods from the largest market in the town.
  • Lake Villarrica: Walk along the shore, picnic under trees at lakeside parks, or get active on the water kayaking, wakeboarding, or windsurfing. 
  • Villarrica Cathedral: Tour the alabaster church and the brightly colored murals depicting the passion of the Christ.
  • Geometric Hot Springs: Relax in a natural spa wonderland of 17 thermal pools in the plush forest of Villarrica National Park.