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View of Kyoto, Japan.

City at a Glance

Kyoto, Japan
Location South-central coast of Honshu Island
City type Metropolis
Population 2.8 million
Official language(s) Japanese
Climate Subtropical
Average temperatures January: 40° F, July: 80° F
Landscape Urban, coastal
Factoid Nintendo was established in Kyoto in 1889 as a playing card company.

About Kyoto

Known as the heart of Japan, Kyoto is steeped in history, perfect for Japanese culture lovers. It's almost impossible to miss significant historical sites as you go about daily life. The traditional Japanese city is considered the birthplace of geisha culture, including its elaborate tea ceremony. It's not uncommon to see the exquisitely costumed women as you stroll Kyoto streets. Stunning displays of spring cherry blossoms and fiery autumn foliage do their best to distract from all Kyoto has to offer. Placing a high value on education, the compact, bicycle-friendly city caters to its large population of students. As a student, you can learn traditional techniques at artisan studios, from woodblock printing to fans.

Where is Kyoto

35.011564, 135.7681489

What to do in Kyoto

  • Mount Kurama Hot Springs: Soak in an outdoor or indoor bath surrounded by mountains and majestic scenery in any season.
  • Gion: Glimpse a geisha in a traditional kimono among the restaurants, shops, and shrines of the famous entertainment district.
  • Monkey Park: Watch and feed wild Japanese macaque (or snow) monkeys, who are known to bathe in the hot springs during the winter.
  • Manga Museum: Flip through some of the 50,000 comic books and graphic novels and walk through galleries of illustrations at this paradise for manga lovers.
  • Kyoto's Kitchen: Get some retail therapy and a bite to eat among the 100 shops and restaurants of the colorful and crowded Nishiki Market.