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The Arabic Styled Cityscape in Amman Jordan.

City at a Glance

Amman, Jordan
Location North-central Jordan
City type Metropolis
Population 4 million
Official language(s) Arabic
Climate Semi-arid
Average temperatures January: 47° F, July: 80° F
Landscape Urban, mountainous
Factoid Amman was once named Philadelphia after Ptolemy Philadelphus who rebuilt the city before it fell to Rome.

About Amman

A haven of calm and peace, Amman features a religious tolerance unique from many other areas in the Middle East. Cosmopolitan and youthful, the population displays an intense friendliness—don't be surprised when invited to a meal at the home of someone you've just met. Within downtown Amman, the din of construction, traffic, and music mingles with the smell of hookah smoke day and night. Use the charming staircases that weave through the winding streets to explore the cream-colored city.

Where is Jordan

31.9539494, 35.910635

What to do in Amman

  • Wadi Mujib river hike: Trek through the aqua blue river canyon through soaring sandstone cliffs to rushing waterfalls.
  • Citadel of Amman: Visit the citadel to see the iconic ruins of the Temple of Hercules, the palatial Umayyad Palace, and unparalleled views of the city.
  • Jabal Amman: Explore a bohemian neighborhood full of beautiful villas, galleries, shops, and cafés.
  • King Abdullah Mosque: Snap a picture of the impressive blue-domed mosque with its ornate turrets; if you can meet the dress code, take a look inside, too. 
  • Roman Theater: Attend a cultural event in this historical outdoor site that's impressive day or night.