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Hotel de wereld in Wageningen, Netherlands.

City at a Glance

Wageningen, Netherlands
Location Central Netherlands
City type Large town
Population 38,000
Official language(s) Dutch
Climate Mild marine
Average temperatures January: 35° F, July: 62° F
Landscape Urban, riverscape, woodlands
Factoid The city is in the center of Food Valley, an area that focuses on food-related sciences.

About Wageningen

Beautiful and peaceful, Wageningen features a central square, brick-paved streets, and windmill. Surrounding meadows and forests bring a calming natural perfume into the quaint town. Generous and friendly locals can be your allies in learning the nuances of Dutch culture. A large number of international students come to learn at Wageningen University, which influences daily life in the entire city. Wageningen mirrors the university's focus with an emphasis on sustainable living. A cycling culture dominates the streets, buses run on green gas, and stores specialize in sustainable wine, health, and beauty products.

Where is Wageningen

51.9691868, 5.6653948000001

What to do in Wageningen

  • Restaurant of the Future: Fill up your plate at this university cafeteria where researchers harvest data on eating habits.
  • Belmonte Arboretum: Hike through the botanic garden considered a living museum and take in the potent aromas of nature—flowers, trees, and the River Rhine.
  • Wijngaard Wageningse Berg: Explore the experimental wine-making practices and beautiful grounds of the first Dutch organic vineyard—a sustainable winery offering tastings by appointment.
  • De Vlijt windmill: Unravel the mechanics of the wind-powered mill that grinds grain into flour.
  • Riverbanks of the Rhine River: Light up a grill for a fall barbecue or glide across the frozen river on ice skates.