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The world is full of new and unfamiliar possibilities. When you study abroad with UCEAP, those possibilities become yours. As a University of California program, UCEAP expands on the UC experience. It introduces you to the people and places where ideas are born. Journeying to a new country, you'll encounter cultures, traditions, languages, and stories that surprise, delight, and expand your intellect. As you shift your view of the world, you'll test the boundaries of who you are and what you're capable of achieving. You'll discover unknown abilities that fuel your confidence and empower you to seize new challenges. Where will your journey take you?



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UCEAP has the perfect study abroad program for your major, interests, timeline, and budget. 


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Experience foreign cultures, taste new foods, and grow in your understanding of the world.

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Types of awards

Access special study abroad scholarships with UCEAP ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 per award.

Aerial view of historic old town and Lund University, Scania, Lund, Sweden

Programs for biology and life-science majors

Lund University

Lund is a university town famous for its historic student nations offering year-round social activities and a cycling culture.

It’s a first-class research institution. Many courses include applied research on enzyme technology, drug formulation, bio-informants, and protein engineering.

Lund is also very popular with UC students. You’ll find plenty of courses in English, low-cost cafeterias, and affordable student housing.

Hong Kong historic red tram climbs Victoria Peak passing skyscrapers in the background

Ideal for biology and life-science majors

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

One of Asia’s top centers for research and teaching in biological science, HKUST supports the highest quality international research opportunities.

HKUST has six major areas of research: neuroscience, structural biology, cell and developmental biology, biotechnology, genomics, plus interdisciplinary research.

HKUST is highly popular for its incredible student life – you won’t struggle to fill the 'spare' hours in your day.

UCEAP Office Hours

Questions about study abroad?

UCEAP Office Hours

Schedule an appointment to chat with a UCEAP student advisor who can answer questions like the following:

  • What's it like to study abroad with UCEAP?
  • What resources will help me select a program?
  • How easy is it to apply, and when should I get started?
Two students on a mountain hike in South Africa.

Start Your Adventure!


Join UCEAP for a virtual information session on study abroad and start planning your adventure!

UCEAP 101: Your Adventure Starts Here begins at 5 pm PT on Thursday, April 13. Get an introduction to study abroad and learn how to add it to your UC academics.

At UAB, I was exposed to a plethora of new, exciting cultures and formed strong bonds with people from many backgrounds. I loved every second and the stories will never be forgotten. Without a doubt, this experience changed my life.

Christopher Kallah UC Los Angeles Psychology Spain

The classes at PUC were incredible because they were about Latin America and taught by Latin Americans. I took a political science class taught by an influential figure in Chilean feminist politics. The fact that the classes transferred to my degree made it even better. Best of all, I had the opportunity to live in a welcoming society and witness real-time change in Chilean politics – it was an amazing experience.

Paulina Belloso UC Davis International Relations and History Chile

Finding other people—both local and international—that match as well as complement your identities can provide another picture of the host country and culture in ways you might not expect.

Ramil Mercado UC Berkeley Political Science and Asian Studies Singapore
UCEAP student smiling with her arms up in Ghana.

Invest in your future

You can afford to study abroad

Financial aid, grants, and scholarships can be used for all of your costs. Some programs even cost less than staying at UC. Studying abroad is the investment in your future that you can't afford to miss.

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Get a scholarship

Cover all your costs abroad

Thousands of dollars in scholarships are available to cover the cost of studying abroad. Some UC students are able to fund their entire international experience, including additional travel, by applying for as many scholarships as possible. You can, too.

UCEAP offers an easy to follow process