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Life in Santiago, Dominican Republic

About Santiago

Santiago delivers one of the most European lifestyles among Caribbean cities. Its history dwells in the colonial architecture and gingerbread-style homes on its streets. Santiago's sophistication lives in the modern entertainment districts, high-end retail centers, and cultural events throughout the city. Dominican life is full of music, laughter, dancing, and perpetual sunshine. Impromptu parties can pop up wherever merengue music fills the streets. Personal connections are the social glue of the culture.

Life in Santiago, Chile

About Santiago

One of the most modern cities in Chile, Santiago has embraced its traditions through progressive changes. Colonial architecture and plazas dot Santiago even as neighborhoods are reinvented with universities, entertainment areas, and business districts. Nestled between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Santiago has a slower pace of life than other capital cities. Streets are crowded with friendly Chileans ready to welcome international students to the affordable region.

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