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Discover how people use and structure language in another country while exploring the intricate links between language, culture, and society. Taking your linguistics studies abroad means putting your skills of observation, critical thinking, and analysis to work in a broader community. Study the endangered languages of the Indo-Pacific in Australia. Learn how the different components of a language interact with the others in a new cultural context. Research how the human brain processes and understands speech sounds in Singapore.

I knew I wanted to study abroad in Barcelona before I even started college. It's clear that the UCEAP structure offers a uniquely immersive experience that allows students to quickly become part of the city's daily rhythms. One of my friends joked that my study abroad experience checked all the boxes, and it's hard to argue. I downed calçots, danced in correfoc sparks at local festivals, saw Leo Messi score at Camp Nou, watched New Year's fireworks light up the Acropolis, and shook hands with the Catalan president at a book signing. It's impossible not to think back on the year as the most important time in my life, and I am grateful for it every day.

Claudia Waldman UC Berkeley Linguistics Spain

Working in a professional setting in another country is eye opening in terms of being able to explore different environments and how they function. I now have some background interacting and communicating with professionals in another country and language. I am inspired to pursue opportunities that involve working with the language learning process and I am looking forward to applying this direction to my career path.

Alison Roper UC Santa Barbara Linguistics France

Completing my internship validated all that I learned as a linguistics major and motivated me to work harder in school. This real-life scenario with real consequences opened my eyes to the value of being punctual and managing my time in a way that helps me feel prepared for every facet of my day. I know it will be a challenge to adapt to work culture at my future jobs, but this internship prepared me for that by giving me the confidence and patience to improve my craft one day at a time.

Rodrigo Cruz UC Santa Barbara Linguistics Spain

My internship in Chile with Labfon was one of my favorite experiences from my time abroad because I learned to be proactive in my education. I now have greater belief in my own abilities when challenges arise.

Alicia Yu UC Santa Barbara Linguistics Chile

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